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To request a quotation, we need to have some information about the staircase or other type of our product to be estimate

  • Shape and size of the existing hole and the stairwell;
  • floor / ceiling height (finished floor height of the start / ceiling);
  • Thickness of the layer of the floor including the floor;
  • Position of the adjacent walls to the hole than the hole itself (It is important to understand where the attachment points must be positioned and where the protective railing) must be installed;
  • The presence of a heating system in the floor;
    Figure out which model / s you want to receive an offer;
  • Specify the place where the ladder will be installed;
  • Indicate whether you require special permits or any other type permit, certificate;
  • Attach a file that represents a plant / project scale to facilitate development of the offer;
  • Usually of such a design if they have already held that achieved by using
    professional who designed the house or renovation.

With this information now we are able to provide you an offer the desired product.

Thank you in advance for the forwarded request.

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