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The product lines MAGNANI & RICCI are based on the total customization of materials and different finishes. All stairscases can be made by choosing primarily between:


Here all kinds of wood with the main features.


The production of wood products is done with the use of high-grade materials, the full choice of the essences present in the market in the timber and suitable to be used in the production of stairs.
Below are some examples of  WOODS used in production, but remember that on request you can use any essence on the market.

BEECH: The Sylvatico Fagus, beech from Europe Wild, is a very versatile wood for strength and variation of color, from blond to reddish. Easy to process, beech is a material that has a great value for money being a cheap but fairly hard wood, lending itself well to the processing and production of furniture and furnishing. It ‘an essence that is resistant to stress and its clear variant is suited to be dyed as it is not waterproof and absorbs well the colors for a result with amazing effects.

DURMAST: European origin, is a quality of very hard yellowish brown oak, very much used in the furniture industry because of its very fine grain, is frequent the use of brushing treatments that make the most of the wood veins visible , also it lends itself very well to be dyed and bleached. This essence is the most used for its stability and durability, also it gives each product a touch of sophistication to its natural characteristics. Unlike beech, oak resists all’intemperia and weathering much better in fact it is frequently used in boats, also for its ability to bend. Great for the most special processes.

ASH: from Europe, is a very hard wood, with a strong essence of the deciduous family. Its color is pinkish white pearly shades with olive scales, used in ‘furnishings for its very blaze grain, it is frequent the use of brushing treatments that make the wood veins more visible, is most uses to be painted and not maintained the its original color.
With a bleached or dyed effect the result is really very pleasant and is often substituted for more expensive OAK wood essence.

IROKO: L ‘Iroko is a type of very hard wood that comes from the forests of equatorial Africa countries, in its characteristics is that it is a very suitable wood for outdoor use. As a particularly dark color can go from green to yellow brown and darkens with time becoming more and more beautiful. It is not an essence shown to be dyed, usually leaves its natural color. Is used and chosen for its characteristics of stability and hardness, that will last over time.

AFRORMOSIA: It ‘a very valuable wood that comes from the Central African countries, exotic essence very often used for parquet. very rare wood, for this expensive but which determines its preciousness and uniqueness. With its characteristic is the hardness and color that varies with the hue of light that it absorbs. The afrormosia is a plant endangered for this protected.

DOUSSIE ‘: African origin, is a popular wood for its hardness and stability, of reddish color, it assumes a non-uniform oxidation. This essence is very popular for its excellent value for money. Durable and long lasting has average costs and optimum processing for wet environments, for this is also used in kitchens, bathrooms and areas of the home less dry.

WENGE ‘: Provenance tropical Africa, it is a’ valuable wood, very hard and dark in color sometimes with very thin yellow streaks. It is a wood with distinctive aesthetic features that make it particularly appreciated for fine joinery, luxury furniture, flooring, interior design, sports equipment, arts and crafts, decoration is in the form of massive pieces of sliced ​​veneers.

TEAK: Teak is a tree of hard wood, which comes from Burma and Indochina. The color is greenish brown veined, yellow or red cinnamon. It ‘s very precious essence considered certainly one of the most beautiful for its colors and grain. This oriental wood is increasingly spreading, originally used for furniture and outdoor coating for resistance to climate and weathering due to its impermeability. They ‘a valuable and expensive essence that needs high import costs also determine the average high price in our country.
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Together with woods, stairs Magnani & Ricci uses top quality finishes to match forever make products with a high design and aesthetics. Thanks to the mix of woods and finishes that follows we will present you can create stairs and accessories ranging from classic to modern, from the minimal to the richest and Baroque. The choice is always custom.


The metal of MAGNANI & RICCI products can have various types of finishes.

IRON: The use of products with iron supports or accessories to the client the possibility of various types of customization. The painting can be made of all RAL present in international color card: the WHITE 9010, the SILVER in COLOR GUN or with RAW processing using only a natural treatment that leaves the bare metal color. The use of this finish is particularly suitable for warmer or classic environments, especially in the natural colors of the iron

STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless steel, said steel is a metal that is composed of several alloying elements, the main one is iron (over 50%), which is the basis of the steel. Iron are added to other materials that determine its characteristic the steel and resistance: the nickel to the stability and strength; chromium for rust resistance and the molybdenum to a ‘further resistance to rust for extreme and particularly polluted conditions. The stainless steel may be of the type AISI 304 for interior and 316 for exterior. The finishes in the laboratory of Magnani & Ricci are used are:


Both very bright, have similar characteristics but for example, the brushed steel is also chosen for its ease of cleaning. This finish really adds a touch of light and cold environment. Coupled also to break the classic wood and the essence of warm elegance for a modern and unique result. Also it used a lot in combination with the glass for a minimalist design. This material is very versatile thanks to its composition, long-lasting and durable, not to mention the aesthetics.

Ultimo ma non meno importante è il vetro, materiale introdotto nella lavorazione da pochi anni. Sempre più richiesto per la sua capacità di illuminare gli ambienti donandoli brillantezza e luce.


Come anticipato negli ultimi anni di lavoro, la ditta ha riscontrato un forte aumento di richiesta di questa speciale finitura. Il vetro è un materiale difficile da lavorare, costoso ma molto pregiato che riesce sempre a donare raffinatezza al prodotto finito. Usato principalmente per completare la scala, disegnato quindi per parapetti e balaustre. Ma non sono mancate nell’esperienza di Magnani & Ricci scale progettate e realizzate completamente in vetro, compresi i gradini. Lavori di estrema precisione e qualità che hanno riscontrato un forte successo per il loro risultato estetico davvero moderno e minimal.

Il vetro dei prodotti MAGNANI & RICCI può avere varie tipologie di finitura e spessori:


Le tipologie di vetro sono:

  • CRACK,

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